Sunday, 8 May 2011

Eco-friendly cars

More and more vehicle manufacturers are focusing on their eco-friendly cars. Today on this community, we focus on hybrid cars (hybrid-electric vehicles), and explain the pros and cons of eco-friendly hybrid cars. Many of us know hybrid cars from Toyota Prius.

Why do we choose eco-friendly cars? The reasons may be different for different car owners. But high gasoline fuel prices and bad environmental affects may be the major ones. Hybrid cars are essentially car with 2 engines, namely our conventional gas driven motor, as well as eco friendly electric motor. They are so popular now. In fact ad the global market leader, the United States is registered with 1.6 million hybrids by December 2009.

Eco-friendly hybrid cars (hybrid-electric vehicles) have its intelligence to switch to the more optimal motor, which will give your driving speed, thus, helping you save on gas mileage.

Hybrid cars (hybrid-electric vehicles) are really environmentally friendly cars, helping us keep our environment clean and green, reducing tailpipe toxic emissions by about 90% and 50% less greenhouse gas emissions.

One advantage of hybrid cars (hybrid-electric vehicles) is that when it is in stationary mode, the gasoline motor shuts down, and electric one takes over.
The disadvantage of hybrid cars (hybrid-electric vehicles) is that it will obviously cost more than our conventional gasoline guzzlers. And in some areas and countries, insurance packages of this kind of eco-friendly vehicles will cost a bit higher than our conventional cars as due to higher maintenance cost of the new technology, and should the batteries fail.

There are so many things we can do to live a green, eco-friendly life. Eco friendly hybrid cars are one good choice for all of us